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It is a simple Java application illustrating usage of the AWS S3 SDK for Java. This sample application connects to an S3 API compatible storage backend.Here is a run of the sample Java application using the S3 SDK performing basic CRUD operations against Azure blob storage using S3Proxy.

updating blob-37

Server:379 |::] Started @1097ms To verify, navigate to [STORAGE CONTAINER NAME].[DOCKER MACHINE IP]:8080.

For example: run a sample application against your S3Proxy instance, refer to the AWS Java sample app repo to test your S3Proxy deployment.

Server:327 |::] jetty-9.2.z-SNAPSHOT I 12-08 .665 main o.e.j.server.

Server Connector:266 |::] Started Server [email protected] I 12-08 .666 main o.eclipse.jetty.server.

Cloud Foundry is an open source Paa S that enables developers to deploy and scale applications in minutes, regardless of the cloud provider.

Cloud Foundry with Diego can pull the S3Proxy Docker image from a Docker Registry then run and scale it as containers.

Companies ranging from enterprises to startups use the S3 API because it abstracts the storage backend from the apps.

S3Proxy represents a path for customers who are blocked during onboarding and would otherwise be unwilling to rewrite basic blob management code against the Azure Storage APIs or SDKs.

Over the years, due to the wide adoption of Amazon S3, the S3 API has become the de facto standard interface for almost all storage providers.

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